.01 What is Real Food?

real [ree-uhl, reel] adj 1. true and actual; not artificial
food [food] n 1. something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies

Real food is unadulterated, authentic, whole food that is cultivated in the manner that nature intended.

When it comes to advice on what to eat, there’s only one resource that we trust: Mother Nature.

What does it mean to eat healthy? Ask ten people this question and you’ll get ten different answers. Eat carbs. No, eat fats. Eat meat. Wait, no meat is bad. Eat margarine. Hold up, actually, butter is better. Don’t go near gluten. Scratch that, gluten allergies are a hoax. I could go on, but you get the point.

All of this banter and misinformation is counterproductive. It’s confusing and it interferes with your ability to achieve vibrant health and enjoy life to the fullest — which is the goal after all, right?

The RFE team is all about science and nutrition research. Hell, our head chef has a degree in Human Nutrition. However, we are humble and we recognize that the science community still has A LOT to learn.

So, in the meantime, we’ll stick with Mother Nature — the world’s only master nutritionist. We’ll focus on cooking up natural and delicious foods from the ground to your plate with the least amount of intervention possible.

It just so happens that the best food in the world is simple (at least we think so!). We believe that simple is the ultimate sophistication. Most of our preparations only involve a few ingredients. Fresh meat, seafood, or vegetables, high quality olive oil, fresh cracked salt, pepper, herbs, and spices.

RFE is all about bringing Real Food to the masses. A place that brings fresh, natural, home-cooked food to your plate in 5 minutes or less for about $10 bucks.

Real food is here.

.02 Our Tenets

Hearty is the new healthy. Leave full, not stuffed.

Real Food is for everyone. Enjoy high-quality dining without breaking the bank.

Learning Together
We are crazy about food and nutrition. Chat with us! We’re eager to share our philosophy and learn from you.

Quality Sourcing
We are obsessed with quality and we buy our ingredients local whenever possible.

Ingredient Driven Cuisine
Real Food means simple preparations that let the quality of the ingredients shine.

Healthy Fats
We cook in 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We list every single ingredient in our food.

We aim to deliver your meal within 5 minutes of ordering.

Naturally Gluten-Free
All of our recipes are 100% gluten free.

.03 The Founders

John Colasante

Mike Mangold

Mike and John started Real Food Eatery to scratch their own itch. They wanted a place where they could get home-cooked food on the go. A place that combined an understanding of modern nutrition with an appreciation for classic, gourmet cooking techniques. Somewhere they could walk to from their homes in Center City Philadelphia and enjoy fast, affordable, filling, delicious, food made from high quality ingredients for around 10 bucks.

They couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for, so they figured they’d solve the problem themselves. Mike’s entrepreneurial skills combined with John’s passion for nutrition, cooking, and fitness set the foundation for the RFE brand. The project really took stride when they teamed up with Philly’s Real Food Chef, Sarah Ginn, who combines kitchen chops with a degree in Human Nutrition.

They found a location, built out the space, and got cooking. After a year of hard work, Real Food Eatery was born!